Best Travel Secrets

Follow the crowd. Hey, that’s one of the best travel secrets you can find on the net, where authors are describing how you should always take the decision that main people does. It makes me remember of a TV program we had in Spain where some questions were asked and if the participant couldn’t answer one question he could use the vote of the public. And you know one thing? They were normally wrong.

Specially nowadays, when the main source of information we have is the Internet and the internet is the most false source of information we have, it is very risky to follow what the crowd is doing. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying people is stupid, because of course they’re not, but people is not an open source of knowledge, and people does fail a lot, specially if following other people.

Specially in nowadays society, the best travel secrets I can give to you will always point in the other direction that the crowd does. I also remember an example at Stockholm’s airport that I want to share with you. I was arriving there to begin with my check-in when I saw people queuing to get the tickets in one single long line. I was surprised because on the screen next to this line it was written also Barcelona, which was my destination, so I was wondering why they were not using the other line.

Giving no more thought to it, I placed myself the first one in the empty queue. And I was the first one to get the tickets, because in fact the lady who was to arrive to the other queue was a bit late.

This, applied to more serious issues, is what makes people fail so many times. Why I took the empty queue and nobody else did? Because I was the only one that was not simply following the crowd. I simply used my brain, which is something that actual society tries to avoid us from doing. Probably you don’t see the value of this information applied to your travel related stuff right now, but I can promise you will realize shortly why this is one of the best travel secrets I can give away.