Be The Part Of Diwali Festival In Goa

When it comes to Holiday indulgence, Goa is heaven on Paradise. Again, Diwali is the king of festivals. When both meet at gratification it is undoubtedly overreaching. This Diwali lets come and enjoy the special grandeur of Diwali festival in Goa. Not just Hindu, all religions enjoy this festival together at Goa. The blue waves of Sea, golden light of diyas mingle amazingly to adorn the entire Goa. Plan your trip now for 5 days and get enchanted with the bewitching mega celebration.

Book your trip for 5 days

5 days long celebration prevails in Goa on occasion of Diwali. Rangoli. Diya, new attires, sweets, chocolates, delicious dishes and road parade of Goa is scheduled with non-stop masti. Round the clock in celebration and shows are there in hotels, pubs, restaurants, public places, malls and sea beach. Special music concerts and programs are arranged across the city. Hotels are available in very competitive pricing during this time of the year compared to the last quarter of the year.

Bonfires and lanterns on the river make the scenic beauty of Goa during Diwali. These lanterns and diya lit on Diwali have a deep-rooted story and symbolic significance in welcoming good and demolishing evil. The turnover of Goa is high during this festive period for the influx of tourist and commodity for gifting and sharing.

Significance of Diya and lantern that makes Goa beach, streets and Rivers glorified

The oil in the lantern or Diya is considered the devil, Narkasur. He was king of Goa. The oil is burned out which signifies devil is demolished. The construct of earthen diya is so made that signifies the emblem of all good in its arms. On rivers, lanterns are adorned and floated away in good wishes of family, relatives and close ones. When more than thousands of diyas floats on river stream it is extraordinarily picturesque.

Before you visit know the details of occupancy and rush

In Goa holidays are no less than 5 days as they perform an array of rituals for observing their gratitude to God. But Naraka Chaturdasi is the main day of Diwali celebration in Goa. This comes on the second day. Due to street parade, almost all roads remain full of traffic. Public transport is on the heavy crowd. Spot occupancy in hotels is a bit difficult. So better to pre-book your stay.

Huge figures of Narkasur is made with papers and crackers. After the street parade, it is burnt by all civilians who get together to celebrate Diwali in Goa. They distribute sweets, gifts and chocolates top each other’s. Markets are heavy filled with crackers, sweets and new attires.

Other days are dedicated for offering puja to Lord Ganesha, Mata Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, Ram or Govinda. So, all temples are hugely crowded, and long queue remains to take darshan of God. All temples are adorned with Diya, flowers and other decors.

This year Diwali is going to be celebrated on 26th Oct to 30th October bedecked with more embellishment and grandeur. So, see you there amidst the celebration of Good over Evil.